The Well One Scores

The Health Score is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (Low) to 1,000 (Excellent), and it is based on your feelings, physicality and lifestyle. Well One also has a separate financial wellbeing score providing you with a score between 1 (Low) to 1,000 (Excellent), which draws on consumer financial research. Well One helps you to keep track of your physical activity and provides a good directional indicator of how your health and wellbeing is evolving over time.

If you can measure health, you can manage it!

With the explosion of health and fitness-related wearable devices and applications on the market, it has never been easier for people to get access to a variety of health and fitness related data. However, handling and making sense out of large amounts of data without any support can be difficult.

This is where the Well One Health Score comes in. It simplifies your health status into just one number so that it can be universally understood. Fundamentally, the Well One Health Score is based on who you are (body), how you feel (mind) and how you live (lifestyle).

The Well One Health Score is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (Low) to 1,000 (Excellent). It moves up or down in real-time, depending on how your body, emotional wellbeing or lifestyle data changes.

The Well One Health Score is based on over 300 million person-years of clinical data. It was developed by health tech specialists dacadoo in collaboration with a leading professor and former long-term scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

The weighting of the Well One sub-scores is: Body (40%), Mind (15%) and Lifestyle (45%).

A good health score is between 480 and 680 and any score above 680 is considered to be very good.

When you sign up on Well One you enter four data points (age, gender, height and weight) to obtain your first personal Well One Health Score. All other data points for the calculation of the Well One Health Score are automatically imputed with estimated average values initially. Over time, the more data you provide the more accurate and personal your Health Score will become.

It is commonly accepted that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of illness in later life. Wellness is a complex concept, but it can broadly be broken down into the following components: exercise, nutrition, emotional wellbeing, lifestyle choices, stress, and sleep patterns. Adjustments to each of these factors influence the other factors, and in turn, your overall level of wellbeing. Positive changes to your lifestyle can have wide-ranging health benefits but ultimately, change can only be implemented by you.

Empowering you to manage your own health and wellbeing has obvious benefits. Well One works as a health coach in your pocket, motivating you to keep going, rewarding you for your successes and helping you to achieve your goals.

In the past few years we have seen a “consumerisation” of medical devices, as there has been an explosion of health and fitness-related wearable devices and applications on the market. Many consumer electronics vendors have launched step counters, digital weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, activity bands and smart watches, moving the wearables market to the mass market. It has never been easier for people to get easy access to a variety of health and fitness-related data, but this is also a problem, as no one can handle a multitude of data and often people do not know how to put the data points into a larger context.

If health and wellbeing remain intangible, it is difficult to work with them. Conceptually, if you can measure it, you can work with it. So, you need something that retrieves the intelligence out of all these data points and provides a visual and easy to understand status of where an individual is positioned in terms of his/her current health and wellbeing.

That is what the Well One Health Score does, as it simplifies the health status of individuals into just one number so that it can be universally understood. It measures the overall health and wellbeing of a person, based on body values, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep). When tracked over time, it offers a good indicator of how a person’s health and wellbeing is evolving. The Well One Health Score is a number from 1 (low) to 1000 (high) and it moves up or down in real-time, depending on how your body, emotional wellbeing or lifestyle data changes. Think of it as your own personal stock quote of your health and wellbeing in real-time, like a stock quote on a stock exchange.

Well One decided to go for a score and not an age-related measure (such as bio age, real age, etc.) for two very important reasons: we wanted an indicator where older people could compare themselves to younger people, and men could compare themselves to women. To do so, we went through a mathematical process called equalisation for age and gender

No, the Well One Health Score is not a diagnostic tool and does not substitute the diagnosis of your medical professional.

The Well One Health Score is an indicator of your current health and wellbeing and the Well One health engagement solution is a lifestyle product which allows you to manage your personal health and wellbeing in an easy and fun way. To be active and help you remain engaged, Well One applies motivation techniques from behavioural science and popular online games and uses social dynamics from groups and social networks. The result: you get real-time virtual coaching and feedback from the Well One Health Navigator which combines these advanced techniques to make it work you.

The health benefits of physical activity are determined by sustained activity over time, not by a single workout.

This is implemented in Well One through a type of averaging procedure (called exponentially-weighted moving average) that looks back at your activities over the past 60 days. Because of this, if a workout you do today consumes less energy than your current average, your score will drop, as it should. Like everything else in Well One, your activity score is a correct and medically realistic measure of your present and future health.

Well One derives its analytical intelligence from scientific studies. For the most part, such studies are based on the gender at birth. Therefore, the gender at birth is a central input for your Health Score calculation.

The CFPB Financial Wellbeing Scale is:

  • A consumer-driven measure based on a definition of financial wellbeing that draws on insights from both consumers and financial practitioners. Evaluation of scale items included cognitive interviewing and testing to ensure accurate comprehension of questions, as well as review by academic experts.
  • A measurement tool developed over multiple waves of quantitative testing using both classical scale development methods and state-of-the-art Item Response Theory (IRT) techniques to identify appropriate items and how best to combine those items to produce reliable scores of the financial wellbeing construct.
  • A common metric adjusted for age group and mode of administration that allows an “apples-to-apples” comparison of scores across consumers. It can also be used to assess a consumer’s current state of financial wellbeing, to track their progress over time, and to understand how other factors, including program interventions, affect financial wellbeing.
  • Answers to the questions are scored using a scale that has been produced by CFBP and rigorously tested to ensure it gives an accurate indication of a score that is representative of a person’s attitude and feelings about their finances and how they manage their actual affairs

No, information is not shared with any external agencies.

No, the Financial wellbeing content in Well One offers practical guidance and information not financial advice.

The score ranges from 0 to 1000 and the higher the score the better your financial wellbeing is likely to be. Scores can vary partly due to age and experience so getting a low score initially might mean that you are starting on a journey to good financial wellbeing. Working through the four goals will help you improve your score and get a good foundation in place to make sure you are managing your financial affairs.

Tracking with Well One and Third Party Devices/Apps

On Well One you can track over 115 different indoor and outdoor fitness activities directly via the integrated tracker in the Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android) by clicking on the Track menu item.

In the Track menu, you select your activity by clicking on the Change Activity button or by clicking directly on the fitness activity icon on the screen. You will see the list of available activities that can be tracked on Well One. Some of these activities show a compass icon to signal that they are GPS-based activities. Select the activity and then click on Start to begin tracking your activity live.

If you have already completed a workout and would like to add it manually, click on Add Activity Manually and enter the data there.

Via web access (www.welloneapp.com) you can only add activity manually following the same process after login: Track -> Add Activity Manually.

In addition to tracking directly with the Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android), Well One supports many of the popular fitness tracking devices and apps available from third parties. Check out the Q&A question: “Connecting third party devices and apps”.

Well One contains an algorithm to detect double counting of workouts and remove duplicate workouts. With the ability to connect various tracking devices and apps, users often forget that they track activities on different trackers in parallel. For instance, if they carry an external step counter which is connected to Well One, and if they track in parallel running on Well One. This would be double counting of a running activity. This needs to be detected and the duplicate needs to be removed.

Well One computes a daily summary of activities. The summary collects the user’s workouts and activity data for a specific day. By collecting all workouts and activities of one day, Well One can verify if certain workouts and activities overlap in time. If two workouts overlap, only the workout with the higher burned normalized energy (measured in MET h) will be displayed on Well One.

Some external devices/apps do transfer step data multiple times a day including time information via their connection. This helps Well One to do an exact overlap calculation and therefore be very precise in the removal of duplicate workouts and activities.

Other external devices/apps however, still provide us with only one daily transfer of step data via their connection and without any time information. In these cases, the overlap calculation is less precise. A daily step count might overlap with an intense workout tracked on Well One, so the latter will be preferred to steps because of the higher energy burned.

These are the reasons why sometimes, only a partial transfer of steps from the external device/app is transferred to Well One.

If you have an iPhone 5S or newer, you can also track steps directly via the Apple Health App (HealthKit), as the iPhone has a built-in step counter chip.

Once you have linked Well One to the Apple Health app (see step-by-step guide here), open the Apple Health app on your iPhone and follow the steps below:

  • Click on Sources
  • Click on Well One
  • Go to the section “ALLOW WELL ONE TO READ DATA” and activate Steps.

The manual entry of fitness activities, steps and sleep data can be done both on the mobile app and the web version of Well One.

Follow the steps below to manually add a fitness activity:

Step 1: Click/tap on “Add Activity Manually”.

Step 2: Search for the desired activity from the list of available fitness activities by either scrolling/swiping up and down the list, or by using the search functionality, and then by tapping/clicking to select.

Step 3: Enter the required data points, such as date, time, duration, and/or distance, elevation and heart rate (if available).

Step 4: You can choose to add a picture to the workout by taking a photo or uploading a picture from the photo library on your smartphone or computer.

Step 5: Click “Save” on the website and/or tap “Send” on the mobile app. These buttons will only become active if there is enough data to save the activity.

Follow the steps below to manually add body values:

Step 1: Click/tap on “Add Body Values” on the mobile app or the web version on Well One and you will be redirected to the Body section on the “Me” page.

Step 2: Click/tap directly on the value you would like to change, and in doing so the data entry wheel (on the mobile app) will open to allow you to enter the required value.

Follow the steps below to manually add sleep data:

Step 1: Click/tap on “Add Sleep” on the mobile app or web version of Well One.

Step 2: Enter the required data points (date, duration in bed, duration asleep and number of times awoken). These four data points are needed as a minimum to activate the “Save” button.

Step 3: Click/tap on “Save” and the manual entry will be logged and visible in the sleep journal on “Me”, “Lifestyle” and “Sleep”.

Well One provides flexibility in how you can track your lifestyle activities. In addition to tracking your activities directly with the integrated tracker in the Well One mobile app (iPhone and Android), Well One allows you to connect to many other fitness tracking devices and apps from third parties. You can also connect third party digital weighing scales, blood pressure monitors and heart rate bands with Well One. If you use an application or device that is not currently connected to Well One, you can import/export your activities in GPX format via the web version of Well One.

All device and app connections are done directly on the Well One mobile app (iPhone and Android) or via the website www.welloneapp.com.

Well One is fully enabled for Apple Health app (HealthKit) . If you own an iPhone 5s or newer, you can synchronise your health data with Well One. You are always in control of what data you would like to synchronise with Well One.

Please click here to access the step-by-step guide on how to connect your Apple Health app with Well One.

If you own an iPhone, you can use Siri to give voice-based commands to Well One.

You can start your workouts using voice-based commands by telling Siri to start walking, running, cycling, etc.

For Siri to understand your command, you need to say:

“Start NAME OF ACTIVITY with Well One”, or

“Start NAME OF ACTIVITY workout with Well One”.

For example, if you say: “Start walking with Well One” then Siri will open the Well One app and immediately start recording your walking activity! You can also use Siri when you already have the Well One app open.

Currently we the following activities activated for Siri: walking, running, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, golf, yoga, aerobics, treadmill and gym workouts.

Different vendors have different approaches on how data is sent to Well One, and many of the vendors do not send historical data.

For the large majority of third party devices/apps, Well One imports your data from the moment you have connected your device or app to Well One. For some devices who do allow the integration of historic data, Well One will integrate it. This is the case with TomTom (integrates 30 days’ history) and Garmin devices (integrates up to 100 items).

Well One connects to many popular fitness tracking devices and apps from third parties.

It is important to note that Well One only integrates raw data such as steps, heart rate, etc. from third party devices and apps. The calculation of energy models and calories burnt is done by Well One, as it is important for Well One to remain consistent in how your workouts are calculated across various fitness tracking sources. As vendors of tracking devices and apps use different energy models, this leads to there being differences between their data and the data seen on Well One.

There is no global standard regarding how energy conversion is calculated from the number of steps. There are numerous models which differ, among other things, with respect to the input data used and the quality of the results. Simple models consider only the number of steps, while more complex models also consider inputs such as speed and route.

For us at Well One it is important to perform the energy calculation directly on our platform. We do this to maintain the integrity of the Health Score and the challenges we run on our platform. It would be unfavourable to use Tracker X instead of Tracker Y because Tracker X’s energy model is “more generous” in energy calculation.

As part of our activity, we therefore regularly work on energy models and choose the best possible one.

You can delete your tracked workout directly on the Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android) or via the website (www.welloneapp.com):

Well One mobile app: Me-> Lifestyle -> Activities -> Click on the specific workout in “My Workouts” and on the trash icon/delete button.

Via web access (after login): Me-> Lifestyle -> Activities -> Click on the specific workout in “My Workouts” and then click on the trash icon/delete button.

This functionality is only available on the website.

If you use a tracking device or application that is not currently connected to Well One, you can import your data in GPX format via the website.

Follow the steps below to import and upload a fitness activity in GPX format:

Step 1: Click on “Upload GPX” on the website.

Step 2: Select the fitness activity of the workout.

Step 3: Then select the GPX file and upload it.

Step 4: Add a photo if desired.

Step 5: To complete the process, click on “Save”.

Additionally, you can export your data from Well One to other platforms. To do so, you need to access the activity detail page of the activity you would like to export on the website, and then click on “Export GPX” in the bottom right corner.

The Well One mobile app is available for iPhone and for Android smartphones in 13 languages (English (US), English (UK), German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese) from the respective app stores.

However, other smartphone users (e.g. Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.) can also access Well One via the website (www.welloneapp.com).

MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) is a measure to estimate the energy cost of physical activity, independent of weight, where 1 MET = 1 kcal/kg/h. It is also known as “normalised energy”. This measure was introduced by Stanford University in California and has been used globally for more than 30 years.

The MET values used on Well One are based on the Compendium of Physical Activity that has been developed by Stanford University:


The scientific basis for the nutrition engine is the Mediterranean Diet (MD). There is a large body of solid scientific evidence that recommends the health advantages of the MD. Adherence to the MD results in an improvement of risk factors such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and blood sugar or impaired blood lipids. Eating and drinking according to the MD is also associated with a reduction in morbidity and mortality from major chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Another advantage of the MD is that it is easy to follow. It can be administered in all Western cultures. In general, dishes are easy to prepare, and ingredients are readily available and affordable. Furthermore, the MD is to be increasingly found in restaurants and cafes. Finally, the MD is not only healthy, but also tasty, varied and appealing. From a scientific perspective, the MD provides the basis for an ideal approach to healthy eating and drinking, and there is an excellent probability of it being implemented in a sustained way.

The MD is a construct based on foods traditionally eaten in Mediterranean countries. Nevertheless, the MD is not necessarily limited to that region. The principle of the MD is to use fresh, seasonal and minimally processed food, to adhere to a plant-based diet rather than an animal-based one, and to prepare dishes in a healthy way. This is achievable in all cultures.

Live map can be accessed in the “Social” tab by tapping on the map icon in the upper right corner of the mobile app. On the website, it is directly visible on the “Social” tab below the header.

If your friends are currently working out live with GPS, they will be displayed on the live map with their profile picture. You can click on the profile picture to obtain more information on what type of workout they are tracking and for how long.

You can interact directly with your friends by commenting on their workouts.

In the dashboard on the “Me” tab with today’s values, you can decide what specific data points you would like to see on the main dashboard for today’s view.

By tapping/clicking on “Edit”, you can:

  • Add new data points by tapping/clicking on “+ Add” and selecting the available data points of interest;
  • Delete a data point by tapping/clicking on the trash icon, and;
  • Change the order of the data points by holding a specific one pressed down and then moving it to the right position.

The Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android) consumes battery power. Battery consumption varies from smartphone to smartphone and depends on how many other applications, programs and services are being used at the same time.

On average, Well One uses a similar amount of power to any other application. Please note that continued use of GPS location services running in the background of your smartphone can decrease battery life. Make sure you stop tracking a fitness activity once you have completed it!

We recommend that you charge your smartphone every night and that you close any applications and services that run in parallel that you are not using.

Engagement and Social

Engagement and Social

Well One has a five-step getting started programme as follows:

  • First steps on Well One (1/5): Time to log a workout;
  • First steps on Well One (2/5): Time to join a nutrition goal;
  • First steps on Well One (3/5): Time to answer some questions (lifestyle questions);
  • First steps on Well One (4/5): Find your friends on Well One, or invite them to join; and
  • First steps on Well One (5/5): Time to join a challenge

Currently there are 15 different activity goals, 18 different nutrition goals and 3 general goals available on Well One. Activity and nutrition goals can motivate you to create new routines to improve your health and wellbeing.

You can add a goal on the mobile app (iPhone, Android) or on the website (www.welloneapp.com) by following the steps below:

Well One mobile app: Tap on “Coach”, then on “Goals” to access the goals overview page. Available goals are displayed in a carousel view and you can swipe left/right to find the goal which appeals to you most. Also, you can tap on “Well One Coach”, “Activities Coach” or “Nutrition Coach” to access all available goals in the respective sections. Tap on the goal of interest to access the goal detail page and tap on “Add goal” to join it. 

Web access (once logged in): Click on “Coach”, then on “Goals” to access the goals overview page. Available goals are displayed in a carousel view for each section (Well One Coach, Activities Coach, Nutrition Coach) and you can click on the Left-/Right buttons to find the goal which most appeals to you. Click on the goal of interest to access the goal detail page and click on “Add goal” to join.

Once you have joined a goal, it will display in the goals overview page under “My goals”.

Please note than a maximum of three goals per category are allowed. Before starting a new goal, the user should complete (or remove) other active goals first.

You can join a challenge on Well One both on the mobile app or the website by following the steps below:

Well One mobile app: Tap on “Social”, then on “Challenges” to access the Well One challenges overview page, which displays the “Available Challenges” (set up by friends, Well One or the group administrator) in a carousel view. Swipe left/right to look at the different challenges and tap on the one you are interested in to access the challenge detail page. Tap on “Join” to join the challenge. If it is a team challenge, you also need to tap on your team in the list of teams.

Web access (after login): Click on “Social”, then on “Challenges” to access the Well One challenges overview page, which displays the “Available Challenges” (set up by friends, Well One or the group administrator) in a carousel view. Click left/right to look at the different challenges and then click on the one you are interested in to access the challenge detail page. Click on “Join” to join the challenge. If it is a team challenge, you first need to click on your team in the list of teams, then confirm by clicking on “Join Challenge”.

Challenges can be created directly via the Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android) or via the website (https://www.welloneapp.com):

  • Well One mobile app: Social -> Challenges -> Click on the ‘+’ button and follow the steps in the challenge creation process.
  • Web access (after log-in): Social -> Challenges -> Click on ‘Create New Challenge’ and follow the steps in the challenge creation process.

Friends who already registered on Well One can be found in the user directory both on the website and on the mobile apps, as all users who signed up on Well One are displayed with their name and profile picture.

Follow the steps below to search for a friend on Well One and send them a friend request:

Step 1: Click/Tap on “Search Friend in the User Directory”.

Step 2: Enter the first name, last name or email address of the person and click/tap “Enter” to start the search.

Step 3: Click/Tap on the name of the person to access the friend page. The details may be blank if the person does not share their data publicly.

Step 4: Send a friend request by clicking “Add friend”. Once the person accepts the friendship invitation, you will receive a friend acceptance notification.

Achievements are a key gamification and engagement feature on Well One. There are currently 216 achievements in various categories that you can earn. Achievements are automatically activated and start at a low level. For example, once you have reached e.g. “Cycling: 100 km”, the achievement in the same sequence, e.g. “Cycling: 500 km”, gets auto-activated.

In the mobile app and on the website, achievements can be accessed by clicking on “Achievements”. Each achievement category is organised by “Next achievements” and “Earned achievements”.

To check the status and progress towards attaining an achievement, you can click on the specific achievement to see your progress.

Earned achievements are communicated via your news feed under the coach section on Well One.

You may be able to get points for winning individual and team challenges or just for taking part, all of which can be used to redeem in the reward shop or recognition from your employer (Please note: Points and Well One Rewards Shop functionality not available as standard).

Well One has its own points and reward system within the platform, designed to help engage you in healthy living and to reward and recognise progress and success.

You can earn points by completing various activities on Well One. Points are earned through the following activities:

  • Setting goals
  • Tracking lifestyle activities such as movement, sleep and stress
  • Answering lifestyle questions or providing information on blood values and nutrition habits
  • Participating in social activities like challenges
  • Tracking the achievement of objectives and goals

You can redeem your points for various types of rewards in the Well One reward shop. The Well One reward shop offers a catalogue of over 400 products for you to choose from. Our vast range of products includes electronics, health and beauty, toys and much more. In addition to merchandise, you can redeem points for gift cards and donations to charities.

The Well One points are for motivational and reward purposes only and they are not to be confused with the Well One Health Score, which is the real-time indicator of your health and wellbeing.

If you are on holiday or ill, you can adjust the amount of notifications you receive within the Coach settings.

You can select the Coach settings in the upper right corner of the “Coach” page on the mobile app.

With the Coach settings you can define preferences in terms of areas of interest (exercise, nutrition, general topics, social notifications) as well as the frequency of desired interaction with the Well One Coach on these topics. You simply move the slider right or left to define the desired level of interaction.

Security and Account Creation/Deletion

Security and Account Creation/Deletion

STEP 1 Register

You will receive an invitation email containing a personal subscription code and a QR code, with instructions on how to begin the registration process. Follow the quick and easy registration steps to receive your first personal Health Score.

If you’d like any help with registration, please get in touch.

STEP 2 Download the app

The Well One app can be found in the Apple app store or via Android’s Google Play

App Store

Google Play

STEP 3 Record your activities

Record your activities automatically or manually. You can connect other popular wearables and fitness trackers to Well One.

STEP 4 Get tips from the Well One coach

Benefit from your personal Well One coach, giving you valuable tips to help you feel healthier, happier and reduce your financial worries.

The only data that can be shared is as follows:

  • Health Score
  • Workouts
  • Earned achievements
  • Sensitive personal data such as weight, age or blood pressure, etc. is not accessible to other users.

The following types of sharing options are available:

  • Friends: Your friends will be able to see the data described above.
  • None: Only you will be able to see the data described above.

Privacy settings can be changed on the Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android) or on the website (www.welloneapp.com).

Well One mobile app: Click on “Me”, then on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access Settings. Select “Platform Settings”, then “Privacy and Security Settings” to change your privacy settings.

Website (after login): Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access Settings. Select “Privacy Settings” to change your privacy settings.

Once you have created your account on Well One you can decide what data you want to share in the privacy settings. You can also choose to delete your account at any point if you wish. Well One has an extensive privacy policy that explains in detail how we use your data. Well One does not sell your data or profile for advertising and will not share your personal data with your Employer.

Data Security:

Your data on Well One is securely protected. Well One stores your data in data centres within the EEA, and uses state-of-the-art, multi-layered security methods. These methods comply with best practices, and include both physical and logical protection, such as access control, encryption and segregation.

Data Privacy:

Well One complies with data protection and privacy laws. As a user, you decide what you want to share and what to keep private. Well One will not sell your personal data or use your data for targeted advertising. We have an extensive privacy policy that explains in detail how we use your data to calculate your Health Score and Financial Score.

Please note that all registered users of Well One are displayed with their name and profile picture (if added).

For all other data points, you control and decide yourself what data shall be accessible to others. You can change the privacy settings of your account at any time and thereby determine who will be able to see what data. The only types of data that may be shared are the following: Health Score, Financial Score, workouts and earned achievements. Sensitive personal data such as weight, age or blood pressure, etc. are not accessible to other users.

The following types of sharing options are available:

  • Friends: Your friends will be able to see the data described above.
  • None: Only you will be able to see the data described above

If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page, either on the mobile app or on the website, and follow the steps below:

Step 1: You will be redirected to a web page where you will be asked to enter the email address which you use on Well One, this will be the one you used when onboarding to Well One.

Step 2: Well One will send you an email, including a link to tap/click.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a web page where you can set a new password and confirm it by tapping/clicking on the “Reset Password” button.

You can return to the login page and log in with the email address and the new password to access the Well One Health Score platform.

You control your data and can choose to delete your account by following these steps:

  • Well One mobile app (iPhone, Android): Me -> Settings -> Platform Settings -> Scroll down and click on “Delete Your Account”
  • On the website at welloneapp.com after login: Settings -> scroll down and click on “Delete Account”

You will need to enter your password to confirm the deletion of your account. Once confirmed, your account will be deactivated immediately, and your data will no longer be visible. Well One will keep your data for 30 days in case you change your mind and would like to reactivate your account. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

Email or contact your company HR contact. If you deleted your account less than 30 days ago, it should be possible to restore your original account, otherwise you will be sent an invitation email to create a new account.

You need to update your Allow Notifications to be “off” via your phone settings.

Settings > Notifications > Well One > Allow Notifications

In profile settings you can access and edit the following information:

  • Profile and background pictures: You can add both a profile picture and a background picture to personalize your profile page.
  • Profile description: You can add a description about yourself.
  • Social media and blog links: You can add links to your social media or blog pages, so that they appear on your profile page.
  • Email: You can edit your email address.
  • If any of the pre-populated data (First and last name, date of birth etc.) is incorrect, please refer this to your employer.

You can also control push notification settings via your phone settings, Settings > Notifications > Well One > Allow Notifications

Please contact us for questions related to the Privacy Policy.

Please note that support is only available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese.

About the Well One Rewards Shop

You can view all available rewards by browsing through the Well One Rewards Shop. Once you have decided on a reward you would like to order, simply add it to your shopping basket. Then, click the “Review Shopping Basket and Checkout” button, and select whether you want to pay with your Well One points only, or with a combination of points and cash (where this option is available). Once you have filled in the delivery and payment details, click the “Checkout” button to submit your order. Your order will then be processed and dispatched to you.

You can check the status of your orders under the “My Transactions” tab of your Well One Rewards Shop account. Once logged in, click on “My Profile” and then “My Rewards”, where you will find the “My Transactions” tab.

Due to the variety of rewards available in the Well One Rewards Shop, the delivery policy and terms may differ from reward to reward. You can check the specific policies under the “Merchant Details” section for the respective partner and you can also see the “Rules & Restrictions” for each reward here. Please note that the delivery of certain rewards may involve custom, VAT or other charges, depending upon the shipping destination and the custom authorities of the destination country. Members may have to pay these charges to receive the delivery.

You can pay with Mastercard or Visa for all “points & cash” orders on the Well One Rewards Shop. We use 3-D Secure (i.e. Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode) from our Wirecard payment gateway to process your online payment. This process helps to reduce fraud, by adding an additional security layer for online transactions.

You can pay for reward using Well One points or for some rewards, you’ll have the option to pay using a combination of Well One points and cash. Cash payments are processed in the currency of your country, and your payment card will be charged accordingly.

You will receive an order confirmation by email immediately after placing the reward order. Please check your inbox and optionally the spam folder. Review the contents of your order and make sure your delivery address is complete and correct. Estimated delivery time could be different for each reward and is visible on the order confirmation email and on the order details page (in “My Order History” page in the Well One Rewards Shop), for each reward separately.
In case you notice any error in your email order confirmation or have any question related to the delivery of your reward order, please contact the merchant directly.

You can find the status of your order under My Order History in the Well One Rewards Shop.

Yes, gifts to someone else are permitted but only for delivery within the same country that you currently reside. For each order, you can use a different address but all the rewards inside a same basket/reward order will be associated to a unique address.

Retail and points prices for rewards offered on the Well One Rewards Shop may vary according to the seller’s location. All reward prices are calculated daily and are dependent on the respective currency exchange rates (provided by www.xe.com).

No. Order confirmation emails serve as the invoice copy for Well One Rewards Shop purchases.

Please find the Well One Rewards Shop Ts&Cs in the footer of the Well One Rewards Shop website. Additional terms specific to a reward may be displayed under “Additional information” on the “Reward detail” page and under “Merchant Details” page.

Vouchers and gift certificates (electronic or paper) bought on the Well One Rewards Shop are not replaceable if lost, stolen, destroyed or expired.

Generally, you cannot cancel a reward orders after it has been submitted. The cancellation policies vary between reward merchants however and reward-specific terms & conditions may apply. If you have any questions, please contact the respective merchant directly quoting the number stated in your order confirmation email. In cases where reward cancellations are possible, please contact the merchant directly to cancel your order. Your points will then be refunded to your Well One account, and if you also paid by cash, the amount you paid will be refunded onto your payment card. Please be advised that voucher orders/redemptions cannot be cancelled once placed, and vouchers are not replaceable if they expire or are lost, stolen or destroyed.

Any points which have not been redeemed in the reward shop by your date of leaving the company will be lost, so please ensure you spend any points in advance of this date.

If your account is deleted, you will lose any unspent points. If you accidentally delete your account and notify us within 30 days, we may be able to restore your account and your points.

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