With the new year in full swing, many of you will be sticking to your vows to keep healthy and become fitter. This means that you won’t be rushing to the shop at lunchtime for your 12 pm chocolate fix, nor tucking into a fried breakfast each day.

Instead, your fridges and cupboards will be stocked with fresh, healthy ingredients from which you can make a plethora of meals that are not only delicious, they are also good for you.

If you work long hours, it can be easy to skip prepping your lunch in advance and instead pick up something that’s pre-made from the nearest supermarket or deli. Pre-made foods are typically packed with sugar, fats and preservatives that are extremely unhealthy and can cause you to suffer from unwanted health problems in the long-run.

This year, it’s time to ditch excuses such as “I don’t have time” and instead, make time to prepare your lunches at home. Here are some quick and easy on-the-go lunch ideas that will make you wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner:

Tomato and butternut squash soup

If you’re a fan of sweet potato, you’re sure to love butternut squash. Similar in taste and texture to the sweet potato, butternut squash tastes amazing in salads, as a side dish, and even in soup.

In fact, it’s delicious when combined with fresh tomato, so try your hand at making tomato and butternut squash soup for your next working lunch. Simply crush fresh tomatoes, tomato puree and garlic, and bring them to the boil in a pan.

Chop your butternut squash in half, drizzle with coconut oil and place in the oven to roast. Once soft, add it to the tomato mix and blend together using a handheld electric blender or a food processor.

Feel free to add more herbs and spices to season your soup. Parsley and coriander work perfectly.

Chicken, lentil and bean salad

While you may think that having a salad for lunch is rather boring, there are a number of ways that you can make them exciting and extra tasty. Chicken, lentil and bean salad is just one example and, even better, it’s super easy to prepare.

Take a chicken breast and season it with pepper and paprika. Place under the grill until cooked. Next, fill a bowl with spinach leaves, cooked lentils and white beans. Slice the chicken breast and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. You can pad your salad out a little by adding some olives and quinoa if you wish.

Tuna and avocado on rye bread

In recent months, the avocado has risen in popularity, with healthy food lovers incorporating it into breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert dishes. The soft fruit is packed full of nutrients that are extremely healthy, not to mention tasty.

What’s more, you can easily carry it in your bag and scoop out the flesh once you’re about to eat at work. All you need to prepare is a couple of slices of rye bread and some tuna – which you can season with pepper and chilli for an extra taste kick.

Come lunchtime, load the rye bread with crushed avocado and top with tuna. You can even sprinkle some sunflower seeds on top for a delicious taste sensation.