Mindfulness is the latest craze to hit the health and fitness community, with the basic premise being that you are aware of where you are, what you’re doing and the reasons why you’re doing it. However, it’s more than an idea as it can actually be incredibly beneficial.

There are so many things in our daily lives that can leave us feeling tired and stressed, from everything at work to family drama. Mindfulness can help you to deal with this stress, manage everything you need to do and improve confidence.

Lowering stress levels has an effect on your mind and body, helping lower blood pressure and allow you to get better quality sleep. You may also find that you’re better able to handle stressful situations, remain calmer and have more patience.

Practicing mindfulness every day is reasonably easy and could really help you better manage stressful situations, leaving you ready for anything. Here are some simple ways to embrace the power of mindfulness:


Just as with meditation, breathing is an important part of mindfulness. All you need to do is sit still and focus on breathing deeply. Keep your mind on your breathing to stop it wandering. If you do start to think about other things, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.

You may find it easier if you close your eyes and shut yourself away from people when focusing on your breathing as this reduces the number of things distracting you. Think about how long you’re breathing in for, where you’re holding the breath and the effects as you release it.

If you start to feel stressed throughout the day, give yourself a few minutes to do this as it can help make you much calmer, allowing you to handle the situation better.

Just stay still

Make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down and just spend five to ten minutes doing nothing. That means no checking your phone, no watching TV and definitely no work. This can be harder than you think, so make sure there are as few distractions around you as possible.

If you enjoy baths, you might want to practice doing nothing while you’re having a soak, as the warm water will further help your mind and body to relax. Candlelight can also help as it has a relaxing effect on us.

Deal with things individually

Trying to complete loads of tasks at once can leave you feeling stressed, tired and a bit all over the place. This is why it is important to be mindful about everything you need to do, giving each task plenty of time and not doing more than one thing. You’ll be surprised at how much easier this makes things and how much calmer you feel.

Giving individual tasks your full focus ensures you do them completely and to a high standard, rather than letting things slip. You may find it easier to write a list and tick things off as you go, which also allows you to keep track of your accomplishments.

Pay attention to food

A lot of us struggle to make time for meals and end up wolfing down a quick lunch at our desks. Not only does this mean you’re more likely to eat foods that aren’t great for you, you also won’t enjoy your meal.

Instead, eat slowly and focus on enjoying your food. Think about what you like about the food as you chew each mouthful and don’t rush your meal. This will make you appreciate your food, feel fuller and ensure your lunch hour is actually beneficial.