In the modern age, smartphones and their various apps have become a common sight of everyday life. This can make daily life more enjoyable for many people, from amusing you during your daily commute to helping you relax after work. However, one of the latest and hottest trends is how technology can support you in reaching your fitness and health goals.

But how can technology help you achieve your aims?


Since the invention of the MP3 player, people have been using music to help motivate them to get into shape. Being able to listen to upbeat songs while you work out can make you go that little bit further, as well as helping to get rid of boredom while out on your run or during your gym session. If you are finding that your fitness regime has become mundane and you are finding it tough to complete, try switching up your music playlist. You may find that the tunes you have most success with aren’t your favourite but are ones that have a quick beat to help you set your running pace.

Another way that technology can motivate you to hit your fitness goals easier is through social media. Whether you find inspiration from other bloggers or users, or use sites like Facebook or Twitter to make yourself accountable to your friends and family, having an online forum can help to make you hit the road when you’re tempted to stay in with a bottle of wine and the TV.


The most popular excuse for people not wanting to workout is that they simply don’t have the time. Using apps and technology to find time in your schedule to improve your fitness and wellbeing can be as important as getting the right running or workout gear.

Many people have busy schedules but if you are committed to increasing your fitness or losing weight, setting aside a time each day that you dedicate to working out will help you reach your goals. Once you have stuck to this for a couple of weeks it will become part of your daily routine and you will soon see your fitness improve and excess weight drop off. This will also have an impact on your general wellbeing as exercise can improve your quality of sleep and reduce your stress levels.

Health check

Health apps are becoming increasingly popular with fitness novices and professional athletes alike. You can now have software that monitors your heart rate, your quality of sleep, stress levels, and the nutritional content of your diet. This can make a significant difference to how easy it is to reach your fitness goals as they all have a significant impact on how well you perform in the gym or how fast you run.

Having the Well One health platform can combine all of these apps in one place, making it easy and simple for you to keep an eye on your health and wellbeing and ultimately reach your fitness goals.