Cycling is a fantastic sport that almost everyone can do. No matter what age you are or how much disposal cash you have each month, there is nothing to stop you getting on a bike and increasing your activity.

It’s an incredibly effective of way of burning calories and can also work muscle groups all over your body, helping you to tone up and improve your physique. Not only are there physical benefits of getting on your bike, but going out for a ride can give you the time you need to clear your mind and de-stress, significantly helping you to keep a positive mental attitude.

Although it is very accessible and has minimal start-up costs, there are a few things you need to bear in mind before you decide to take up cycling:

Invest in equipment

There are very few things you need to get started; a bike, a helmet and appropriate clothing. As there is so little you need to buy before you get started, it can pay to invest in these essential pieces of equipment. Although it’s not a case of the more cash you splash the better, there are serious benefits to spending a decent amount of money on your equipment. Your helmet is what ensures you are safe when riding, and making a considerable investment on your bike will help you get the best riding times.

It’s possible to go out riding in your normal clothes but if you want to cycle year-round, it’s best that you purchase items that are right for different weathers. This is especially important if you want to get competitive and improve your cycling times. For Well One users, this is often a prime concern as they want to further boost their fitness and make the most of their energy.

Check your route

Cycling as part of your commute is an easy way to increase the amount of physical activity you do without taking anymore time away from your friends or family. However, if you are looking to cycle your way to and from work, there’s a number of things you need to consider to make sure you stay safe throughout your journey. Firstly, it’s important to check your route before you set off. Some roads and paths and not suitable or safe for cyclists to tackle, so it’s essential that you have a good route to work. For those working in the city, it’s a great idea to check where there may or may not be cycle lanes.

It’s also important to think about what you’re going to do once you arrive at the office. Not only will you need somewhere safe to store your bike, but you will also have to have a shower and get changed before you start your working day. It’s essential that your office has these facilities before you commit to cycling as part of your work commute.