Improving your fitness levels and tracking your goals doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a lot of technology solutions that can make planning and tracking the time you exercise easier, which can allow you to see where you need to make improvements.

Whether you work out every day or just try and fit in sessions when you can, technology can help you to get more out of your sessions.

Here are some technological solutions that could benefit you:


You might be surprised about how many steps you take in a day, even when you’re working or running after your children. A pedometer can help you track your steps so you can see when you haven’t been on your feet enough.

Use a pedometer to set targets for yourself to encourage you to walk more, which can help improve your fitness levels and make you feel more energised. This is a particularly good idea if you can’t get to the gym much, as then you still have a record of what exercise you have achieved during a day.

Heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor can allow you to see in real time whether you are training in your target heart rate. Working out with your heart rate at the appropriate level means you can progress faster and that you maximise the benefits of the exercise you are doing.

You will also be able to see whether you are burning fat or carbohydrates when working out, which allows you to customise your exercise so as to achieve goals you’ve set yourself. This can make even a short work out a lot more effective.

Smartwatches and activity trackers

Smartwatches or activity trackers offers you a lot of different functions that can come in handy when exercising. They can track steps, map distance and routes, monitor your heart rate and time your session, among other things.

You can pick a smartwatch or activity tracker that is appropriate for you and your workouts, ensuring you can track everything you need to in order to achieve your goals. Your activity tracker can also track your Well One Health Score, giving you a real-time indication of your overall health and wellbeing.


If you don’t like the idea of a smartwatch or activity tracker, you can also use your standard smartphone to track your workouts.

Plan what sessions you are going to do when in your calendar and set reminders for yourself so you don’t miss a gym class or aren’t tempted to have an unscheduled day off. You can also use your phone to track what you are eating and how much water you’re drinking, which can improve your diet.

While your phone may not be able to measure blood pressure, it can count steps and track your distance and route when jogging, as well as time how long you work out for.

All of these functions can help inform your Well One Health Score, giving you the most accurate information possible. This will enable you to stay engaged with working out and ensure you are getting accurate feedback for your achievements. You will also be able to see your health evolution, showing you how far you have come in terms of your fitness.