If you start to feel your energy flagging, it can be really tempting to reach for sugary or caffeinated snacks and drinks to try and get energised again. However, these aren’t good for your health and could result in a number of problems in the long-run.

They also only give you short bursts of energy, so you’ll soon need to have another snack to keep you going. However, eating healthy high-energy foods can keep you going for longer without the negative health effects.

Whether you need more energy for a gym session or just to get you through your day, here are some high-energy foods you should snack on:

Banana and peanut butter smoothie

While you can get plenty of energy from a banana because the fruit’s natural sugars take longer for your body to process than processed sugars, they can be uninspiring.

Instead, enjoy a long-lasting energy boost by combining a banana with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and almond milk in a blender. If you want to add a touch more sweetness, opt for a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar.

This will result in a tasty and filling smoothie that is an ideal snack for between meals or before the gym.


A handful of almonds makes a great snack on the go, at home or at work. They are full of fibre, protein and healthy fats that will provide you with an energy boost that lasts. If you want to make your almonds a bit more interesting, try mixing them with some raisins and dried fruit for a touch of sweetness.

It is worth remembering though that 24 almonds equate to around 163 calories, so ensure you don’t eat too many during a day or you’ll undo the health benefits.

Fat-free yoghurt

Not only is fat-free natural yoghurt tasty, it is also incredibly versatile and can be combined with different ingredients to create a high-energy snack that suits your cravings.

Fat-free yoghurt is a great source of protein as well as vitamins, providing you with slow-release energy that makes its great for including in your breakfast or as a snack.

Try adding a handful or fresh berries to your yoghurt with some toasted oats for a snack that will leave you satisfied for longer.

Roasted chickpeas

A great alternative to things like crisps is roasted chickpeas, which can be prepared quickly and easily. They are full of healthy fats and protein and can be prepared in advance before being put in a sandwich bag to enjoy on the go.

Simply drain and rinse a tin of chickpeas before placing on greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Sprinkle in your choice of herbs or spices and roast for between 20 and 30 minutes until golden.

Then you can just enjoy them throughout the day and benefit from the healthy energy boost.


Avocados are full of healthy fats and fibre, making them a great snack choice that will stop you feeling hungry throughout the day. Rather than just eating an avocado on its own, try crushing half of one on a slice of wholemeal toast.

You could also try adding an egg and seasoning to the centre of half of an avocado that is still in the skin and baking until the egg is cooked. This is a tasty and healthy snack that will give you a nice dose of protein to keep you going.


The amount of water you drink during the day has an effect on your energy levels, so it is a good idea to stay hydrated. Try adding a few slices of lemon or cucumber to a bottle of water to add a flavoured element to the drink that will make it more interesting.

Ensuring you stay hydrated will keep you healthy but also ensure your energy levels don’t dip as the day goes on. Ideally, you should drink at least eight cups of water a day, although you may need more if you also drink caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee.