You don’t need a gym membership to exercise, as there are a number of ways you can work on your fitness at home. Working out at home can be easier to fit into your schedule, better for your budget and more comfortable if you find that the gym isn’t really for you.

There are a lot of exercises you can do at home that are just as effective as using the equipment at your gym and that you can change to suit your needs and abilities. Here are 5 great activities you can do in the comfort of your own home:

Use your stairs

Your stairs can give you a great workout that will work your legs and glutes. You can either walk up and down your stairs repeatedly at a speed that suits you or remain on the bottom steps and use them to do step ups.

Put some music on to give yourself a beat, which will set your speed and lift your knees as high as you can with each step. You can also work out your arms by raising them over your head with each step and using weights for an extra workout.

Utilise furniture

Furniture in your home can actually serve as a replacement for some gym equipment, so long as you use it carefully and in an area that has plenty of space.

You can use sturdy chairs for tricep dips by holding onto the edge of the chair while facing away from it and pulling yourself up. If your chair feels like it might tip forward, have someone hold the back of it for extra support.

A mop or broom can also be used to help you do pull-ups from a lying position by placing both ends on two items of strong furniture that is equally high. Lie between the furniture, holding the middle of your broom with hands spread apart and gently pull yourself up into a sitting position.

Workout DVDs

If you want something more challenging when it comes to working out at home, an exercise DVD could be the perfect choice. These are easy to follow and feature activities that are suitable for doing at home.

You just need a clear space that doesn’t have any furniture that you could bang into and the right clothing. Then you can just turn on your DVD and start your workout.

Take up yoga

As yoga is about meditating as well as exercising, it is a great choice of workout for doing at home, as you’ll feel calm in your own space. You can do yoga as your workout or to cool down after more rigorous exercise.

If you haven’t done yoga before, you can also use a DVD to get into a routine and to ensure you are doing poses correctly. In no time at all, you’re sure to find that your flexibility improves and you are happy to create your own routine.

Go into the garden

If you’ve got a garden that has more space than inside your home, you should use it to your full advantage. Extra space with no ornaments or furniture around means you can do things like jumping jacks or use a skipping rope for a good workout.

You can even create an obstacle course for yourself, allowing you to do a number of different exercises. This is especially fun to do with someone else, as you can time each other and try to get the best score.