With 2015 well and truly upon us, many people have started their New Year’s resolutions will all the willpower and commitment in the world. However, once you are back in the office it can be difficult to stick to the promises you made yourself on January 1st.

For many people, health is a top concern and this influences their resolutions. Committing to a healthy and nutritious diet is one of the best ways to get your weight into a normal range, as well as boosting your Well One health score.

However, once you are back among your co-workers and friends, it can be challenging to find the motivation to stick to your healthy eating plan. The best way to keep you willpower high and stick to your more nutritious diet well into 2016 is to find food that is healthy, filling and answers your cravings.

People who work full time often complain that lunch is one of the hardest meals to have when trying to be healthy. Ideally, you need something that you can pack in the morning and not have to think about until you get it out for lunch. This will ensure you don’t pay a fortune buying food where you work and that you don’t spend all your break in the kitchen preparing your meal.

So what do you need from your lunch?


Obviously your lunch needs to be healthy, giving you all the nutrients and vitamins you need to be a vital part of a balanced diet. However, this doesn’t have to be restricted to boring salads as there are many ways you can have a delicious lunch, which is also healthy.


This is a primary concern for working people. Once you get hungry, you will find it hard to focus on your work, which will result in a drop of productivity. Not only this, but you are also far more likely to binge and give in to that chocolate bar if you are absolutely starving when you get home.

Energy boosting

This is important for people who work in offices. It’s vital that your lunch has enough good stuff in it to boost your energy levels and ensures you don’t crash come 3pm. This will have you reaching for a chocolate bar or sweet treat for that instant hit of energy that comes from processed sugar.

Lunch ideas

Healthy wraps

Tortilla wraps are a fantastic alternative to bread and are extremely versatile. You can pack them full of salad and lean meat for a quick, cheap and delicious lunch. Try adding some mashed up avocado for a yummy and healthy alternative to guacamole – with far less salt or sugar. Avocados are packed full of good fats, which will have numerous benefits for your body.

Pack-some-punch salads

When people think of salads they often think of a wilting piece of lettuce, but salads can be anything you want them to be. If you are bored of lettuce, switch it out for spinach or rocket, while adding some couscous or quinoa will ensure that you stay full until you sit down for your evening meal. A popular choice is to add some lean marinated chicken, jalapenos, avocado and a drizzle of fat-free yoghurt for a mexican dish with a twist.

Energy-boosting pasta

Just because you are healthy eating, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to pasta forever. Cook a handful of wholewheat pasta the night before work, and in the morning you can quickly add some sun dried tomatoes, feta and spinach for a quick and easy meal for lunch. The pasta will ensure you have a slow, steady release of energy throughout the day.

Choose one of the above, a couple of pieces of fruit and plenty of water and you will be well on your way to having delicious, healthy and affordable lunches.