If you aren’t a huge fan of exercising, but know that you need to introduce it into your lifestyle, it’s time to get your act together. While gym memberships can be expensive and you don’t particularly enjoy running on track, that’s not to say you can’t exercise at all.

In fact, the real secret to exercising is to do so without even trying! That’s right, you can make working out effortless. So put that biscuit down and try some of these ways of exercising without realising it:

Always take the stairs

Are you guilty of always taking the lift or escalator, rather than heading up the stairs? If so, this is a really lazy habit that’s actually easy to break out of.

You might not think it, but taking the stairs instead of a lift or escalator will help you to burn off calories in a short space of time, which will really pay off in the long run. While you can choose the stairs inside a department store, you could burn even more calories by taking the stairs in your flat or office – particularly if you are on a floor that’s quite high up inside the building.

Clean the house

When was the last time you cleaned your house from top to bottom? If your home is in need of a spruce-up, designate a whole weekend to getting your hands dirty and making each room look spick and span.

Activities such as vacuuming and scrubbing will work your muscles and help you to burn off a few calories. While it may not be the most effective workout you’ll have, it beats sitting on the sofa with your feet up!

Play with the kids

It’s no surprise that your kids are energetic and always on the go – they are young and free, after all. But next time they ask you to play, don’t turn down the offer and instead, get involved.

You could head outside into your garden or a nearby park and play tag or use a skipping rope for games like double dutch. Such games will certainly get your blood flowing for all the right reasons. And not only will they benefit your health, they will help to keep your little ones fit and healthy too.

Ditch your car

If you always find yourself reaching for your car keys, ask yourself: can I walk it? Although driving is quicker than going by foot, it’s also a lazier mode of transport.

Walking to the shops just a few blocks away will work wonders for your fitness levels, especially if you turn it into a regular activity. What’s more, you could even hop on your bike rather than walking, as cycling is another great form of exercise.

If your workplace is a short drive away, why not drive halfway and cycle or walk the rest of the way? This is a good solution to introducing exercise into your daily commute and your body will thank you for it in years to come.