If you want to eat healthier, you might be looking at alternatives to carbohydrate-laden foods. While carbs are okay in moderation – as with most foods – cutting down on them can help you maintain or lose weight, as well as reduce side effects like bloating.

But what can you use to replace carbohydrates in your diet while still enjoying tasty foods? Here are some healthy and versatile alternatives that are sure to become favourites:


Courgettes are great for using instead of carb-laden foods like pasta. They are hugely versatile and really easy to both prepare and cook.

You can swap out spaghetti and tagliatelle with courgetti, which can be created with a spiraliser, or courgette ribbons that can easily be made using a vegetable peeler. Courgette pasta takes a few minutes to cook and can be served in replacement of regular pasta in all your usual dishes – including lasagne.

Courgette can also be used to make a tasty and healthy pizza base or bread, allowing you to enjoy your favourite food with fewer calories.


If you love foods like fries and mash potatoes, parsnips could be the perfect alternative. These root vegetables can be cooked in the same ways as potato but come without all the carbs and calories.

They have a similar texture to potatoes, which means you can make baked chips and crisps, mash and roast varieties. This can allow you to enjoy all your favourite foods but in a much healthier way.


Another great alternative to carbs is cauliflower, which is a cheap and tasty option. You can create a huge number of dishes with this simple vegetable, using it as an alternative to dough, potatoes, rice and pasta.

You can use cauliflower to create pizza, macaroni cheese, rice and mash – among other things. It may not look like much but it is a really good option.

Sweet potato

Of course, one of the simplest options for reducing carbs is to simply switch from potatoes to sweet potatoes. This allows you to enjoy chips, mash and baked potatoes but without the heavy carbohydrate intake.

You can also do more with sweet potatoes than simply swap out potatoes, such as making noodles by spiralising them. This means you can cook healthy and fresh-tasting stir fries, as well as pasta dishes.

Sweet potato can even be used to make desserts, with sweet potato pie being popular. This is a healthier choice to sugary treats as the vegetable is naturally sweet.