Our energy levels dip throughout the year and can be affected by a number of things. Whether you suffer from low energy because of the time of year, a lack of energy, eating certain foods or any other reason, there are ways you can give them a boost.

Taking steps to keep your energy levels high can make it easier to get through every day, as well as ensure you can do more with your time. Rather than staying in bed until early afternoon or just collapsing on the sofa in front of the TV at the end of the day, managing your energy levels can mean you make the most of every minute.

A lot of the things that help improve your energy levels can also make you healthier, so it’s definitely worth giving them a go. Here are five things that could boost your energy levels and leave you feeling better every day:

1 – Start the day right

The way that you start the day can really impact how energised you feel. If you keep hitting snooze on your alarm or sleep in, you’ll start your day feeling tired and this will be hard to shake.

Instead, get up at the same time each day and surround yourself with light as soon as possible. Turning on lamps and opening the curtains as soon as you get out of bed helps to wake your body up by signalling to your brain that it’s no longer time to sleep. If you get ready in the dark, it can make it harder to feel energised and you may end up turning to stimulants like coffee in a bid to wake up, which won’t last long.

You should also make sure you’re going to bed at the same time every night so your body can get into a good routine that allows you to get as much rest as it needs. Start to wind down an hour before bed to tell your body it’s time to rest and you should benefit from a solid night’s sleep.

2 – Eat good food

Not eating the right foods can mean you struggle to feel energised or you end up having quick bursts of energy, followed by low periods. Quick burn foods and sugary snacks aren’t good for your health and definitely won’t leave you feeling energised throughout the full day.

Paying attention to what you eat will help to stop excess pounds creeping on, as well as keep you going. Reduce the number of simple carbs you eat during the day, cut down on sugary snacks and instead introduce more protein, fruit, vegetables and complex carbs to your diet.

It is also important to eat regularly throughout the day. Ensuring you get three regular meals at around the same times every day, as well healthy snacks regularly will help you stay ready for anything.

3 – Get out and about

Taking a short walk outside really is a great way to refresh yourself. Even a quick ten-minute walk can make a huge difference, giving you a chance to get some fresh air and enjoy natural light, which helps to trigger chemical releases in your body that wake you up.

Rather than eating lunch at your desk, spend that time taking a walk to help wake you up ready for the afternoon. You might also want to try walking to and from work, as this will help you feel energised and ensure you don’t fall into the morning coffee trap or end up doing nothing with your evening.

Splitting up your day with short walks will help get the blood flowing and wake you up, as well as maintain your energy levels.

4 – Head to the gym

Not only can walking throughout the day keep you feeling energised, but exercise, in general, is a great way to perk you up. There’s a reason the feeling of elation after going for a jog is known as a runner’s high and it’s because exercise gets endorphins flowing. These help to boost your mood and help you feel energised, even if you have just burned a few hundred calories.

Any type of exercise can help you feel full of energy, including swimming, pilates, weight lifting or cardio. It’s all about finding the right mix for you, as well as the right times. Some people find that working out in the morning helps set them up for the day, while others prefer hitting the gym in the afternoon.

Find what works best for you and create a routine aimed at keeping your energy levels high. Just be sure you also factor in rest days.

5 – Drink plenty of water

One of the most important things you need to remember to do every day to improve your health and keep your energy levels up is drink plenty of water. One of the initial signs of dehydration is feeling tired, so this could be the reason behind your low energy, as even a small decrease in water levels can have big effects.

Stay hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water a day, which needs to be spread out throughout the day. You should also steer clear of drinks that will actively dehydrate you such as fizzy pop and caffeine. Instead, drink pure water or herbal teas to keep you hydrated and improve your energy levels.

Drinking water will also provide other benefits too, such as clearer skin and better digestion, so it really is win-win.

Following each of these five tips could see you enjoying high energy levels every day, even if you slip up every now and then.