Many people find the drudgery of working out alone unbearable, which leads to people giving up on exercise altogether because it feels like a chore and takes them away from their loved ones. It is at this time of year, when Christmas feels like a distant memory and summer seems unreachable, that most resolutions fall by the wayside and people stop trying to achieve their goals.

Work out as a couple

However, exercise doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone. In fact, you can take your loved ones with you. Working out together is becoming more and more popular as people look for new ways to balance work, life and health.

Taking your partner on your next run or gym session with you may sound like a nightmare but it can actually be really fun. You may even find that your relationship blossoms further as you support each other in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Those who feel like they don’t have enough time with their partner could really benefit from this new year change as it will give you quality time to catch up with each other. But how do you make sure it ends in success and not a break up?

Find common ground

The best way to start getting fit together is to find something that you both want to try. This could be something like running that you have always wanted to do or heading to your local gym and trying a completely new sport. Many couples find that playing tennis or another activity together can really add another spark to their relationship.

Focus on your strengths

When you first get started, whether it’s at the gym, local sports hall or just outside, it can be easy to feel embarrassed about looking like an idiot. This is because many people don’t want to highlight their weaknesses, even with their nearest and dearest. If you are aware of this in yourself or your partner, address this issue from the start and focus on things that you are strong at. This can be challenging if you are both very different but you could balance it out by doing more than one activity. For example, if you are strong at tennis but he is a runner that is useless with hand-eye coordination, have one day a week where you play tennis and one when you put on your running shoes. This will allow you both to display your strengths and also improve your skills, health and fitness.

Praise and encourage

It’s vital that you both praise and encourage each other, through big achievements and little steps. This is especially important if your girlfriend is teaching you to run or your husband is showing you how to play badminton. When one person is obviously much stronger and experienced at the sport, it’s vital that they give the right amount of support and praise to help them reach their goals.

Working out with your partner gives you the opportunity to support and encourage them in a way you may not be able to in any other aspect of their life. Many couples have completely different jobs and career paths, meaning that it is hard to praise them when they have achieved something as you don’t understand their industry. Getting fit with one another puts you both on an even playing field where you can succeed together and with each other.