In the run up to a summer holiday, many people make it their mission to get fit and healthy, be it going to the gym, running outside or taking part in marathons. While it’s great to do this before your holiday, it’s also important to keep up the good work during your trip, too.

There’s no point working hard before you go away only to undo everything you’ve done by eating unhealthy food and drink once you’re there. Of course, it’s okay to indulge in moderation and you’re entitled to relax and take a break, but you shouldn’t fall off the wagon completely.

Although you might not think it, it’s still possible to keep fit and healthy on your holiday. Here’s how:

Run before sunrise

If you’ve opted for a beach holiday, it’s likely the temperatures will be high, meaning all you want to do is lounge on the beach. Exercising in hot weather can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention the fact it can make you feel dehydrated and dizzy quickly.

Therefore, pack your running shoes in your suitcase and go for a light run each morning before sunrise. If the beach is close to where you’re staying, run along the coast and take in the fresh, sea air.

You’ll be able to head back to your room, take a shower and still make it in time for breakfast.

Sightsee in walking shoes

For those who love to go sightseeing on holiday, it can be tempting to use public transport. If the monument or building you’re going to see is within walking distance, though, put on your walking shoes and go by foot instead. Walking in sandals can cause blisters and sore feet, so a pair of sturdy shoes is a much better option.

What’s more, even if you do have to hop on a bus, reconsider this by hiring a bicycle and cycling to your tourist attraction. Just be wary of the foreign roads and ensure you wear a safety helmet.

Opt for stairs

If you’re staying in a hotel that features a lift, opt to take the stairs instead. Of course, when you’re carrying your suitcases to your room it’s best to take the lift, but if you’re simply walking down to the pool area, there’s no excuse to not take the stairs.

Book active excursions

If you’re on holiday for a week or more, you’ve got more than enough time to both relax and be adventurous. Rather than spend the duration of your trip lying by the pool, book onto a few excursions in order to have fun and be active at the same time.

Activities such as scuba diving, beach volleyball and water skiing are all great ideas that will keep your adrenaline and fitness levels up.

Use on-site fitness services

Some hotels and apartments feature on-site fitness services, such as a gym. These are normally free to guests, but it’s worth checking with your hotel provider in advance in case there’s a small fee.

If you want to take a break from the pool and the hot weather, head inside to the gym where you can focus your energies into exercising and maintaining that bikini body.