If you’re a self-confessed fitness fanatic who loves to exercise regularly, we know how much of a nightmare it is when you develop an injury. Whether it’s big or small, an injury of any severity will mean that you have to rest for a number of days, weeks or even months, causing your usual workout regime to fall out of kilter.

After your injury, you will probably be bed-bound for the first few days. While you might be itching to get up and exercise, it is crucial to get as much rest as possible during this stage. Attempting to workout as normal when you are injured will only worsen your injury and prolong your recovery period.

Once your recommended resting time is over, there are ways that you can slowly ease yourself back into being active. Here are just a few:

Go outdoors

Even if you aren’t quite ready to carry out any exercises just yet, there’s nothing better than feeling the fresh air on your skin, so get up off your bed or sofa and step into your garden.

Nature can help to boost your mood and offers a nice change of scenery to your bedroom or living room. Being outdoors is also great for those who would normally workout outside. While you may not be able to physically exercise, simply sitting in your garden or a local park and feeling the cool air or spot of sun on your skin will help to lift your spirits

Reduce the intensity of exercise

Once your doctor has given you the signal to start easing yourself back into exercise, it is important to take it slow. Throwing yourself back into your normal routine will cause more harm than good. Not just this, but you may also still be injured, just to a lesser degree than before.

If you feel ready to become more active, remember to reduce the intensity of any exercises you do. Simply walking around your home or neighbourhood is much more beneficial than spending your days in sat in front of the television.

Any exercise which increases the heart rate slightly will pay off in the long-run. Just be sure to not overdo it by reducing the frequency, as well as the intensity, of any exercise you do.

Stretch it out

Sitting or lying in the same position for days on end can make your body feel stiff and tired. It is a good idea, therefore, to perform some light, gentle stretches. Try not to exert too much pressure onto your injured area.

Stretching will help to relieve any aches or pains and can help to clear your mind of any external stressors.

Remember that getting back to full physical health after an injury is a long and slow process, so make sure you remain patient.