While some people find it easy to get motivated to exercise, others find it more difficult to get up and active. With the winter season in full swing across the UK and many other parts of Europe, the cold weather can put people off going outside.

If you’re a get-up-and-go type of person, you’re probably not swayed by the weather conditions and can find motivation through rain or shine. This is all well and good; but if your best friend struggles to get motivated, it’s important for you to support them.

Nobody wants to see their friend feeling low or lacking motivation, which is why you should help to exert your positive energies onto them. So with a little help and encouragement, your best friend will soon begin to feel motivated in no time at all.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Talk it out

The first thing to do is have a heart to heart with your best friend. This way, you can find out why they are lacking motivation and take steps to work together accordingly.

Each time your friend says something negative, turn it around into a positive. Negative thoughts and attitudes lead to self-destructive habits and behaviours. Your friend needs to get out of this frame of mind and begin to believe in their own abilities.

Having you there as support will remind your friend that they are not alone, and help them take the first steps towards motivation.

Focus on behaviour

It’s a good idea to set goals, but rather than focusing on factors such as weight loss, focus on behaviour.

This means swapping lifestyle factors for healthier alternatives. For example, if your friend has a sweet tooth and regularly eats chocolate bars and sweets, encourage them to swap these for alternatives such as fat-free frozen yoghurt or dried fruit.

If you are already an active fitness enthusiast, your friend has probably noticed your healthy habits. This means that you can act as a model to help your friend develop health-conscious behaviours.

Well One challenges

Another great way to help your friend to find motivation is to download the health and lifestyle app Well One. This enables each user to track and monitor their progress and goals from a unique Health Score.

As well as this, users can also take part in Well One challenges. These are a great way to motivate people and trigger competitive spirit within family, friends and colleagues.

Choose from more than 115 different outdoor and indoor activities that you can complete individually or in a team — with or against your friend. This way, you are not only motivating them to exercise, but you will also be having fun at the same time.

Reward system

A nice way to help your friend stay motivated is by introducing a reward system. For example, after you and your best friend have completed a workout, you could reward yourselves by taking a trip to the cinema or going for a healthy lunch.

However you decide to reward yourselves, your friend will no doubt appreciate your support and remain motivated.