We live in a world of incredible technology. Twenty years ago, top-of-the-line computers would be much less impressive than the phone you carry around in your pocket, for example. We can contact anyone around the world in an instant thanks to the internet, and new breakthroughs are being made all the time.

So what does this have to do with your health? Well, like most areas of our lives, technology can make your workouts a lot easier. You probably already use your smartphone for listening to music while you exercise, or maybe a smartwatch to track your heart rate. However, there are a lot more options available for those who want to try out the latest tech.


VR workouts

Exercise classes have always been a popular option for people looking to increase their fitness. The clear instructions and structured sessions work really well for those who struggle to remain motivated for long periods of the same exercise. However, they require having a gym nearby and classes that match your specific needs.

This is not a problem in the modern age due to virtual reality. There are already a few VR apps designed specifically for exercise, but they require an expensive headset to get going. Instead, why not try out Google Cardboard? This is a simple VR headset you can construct out of cardboard, slotting your phone in to act as the screen.

Using this, you can load up a workout routine on YouTube and play it in VR, meaning you don’t have to worry about moving your head to see the screen. You could also play a video of something like cycling along the French coast if you want to forget that you’re actually on an exercise bike in your living room.

Of course, if you’re going to go down the VR route, you need to be extra careful. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure there’s nothing nearby you can step on or fall over. It’s best to use VR in combination with a stationary exercise machine like a bike to make sure you’re as safe as possible.


Health tracking apps

If you’re looking to keep on top of your fitness, more information is always better. For example, you might have got your diet and exercise plan under control, only to find that your sleep habits are causing you to retain weight and lose energy. It’s only by tracking these details that you can make improvements.

This is where apps like Well One help. They allow you to track data about your diet, exercise and day-to-day life to build up a picture of your overall health. Well One’s even gives you an overall health score based on the combination of your body, mind and lifestyle.

This allows you to narrow in on the areas in which you can make significant progress. Maybe you need to eat more vegetables, drink more water, spend some time meditating each day or go to bed an hour earlier. Whatever the case, apps can help you work out the areas of your life that require improvement.

They also give you a great sense of progress. It can be easy to get downhearted about your fitness journey, as it can take a while before you notice any tangible results. However, being able to see how you’re doing — especially compared to when you started out — can give you the motivation boost you need to keep going.


Hi-tech gym gear

The equipment you use while exercising has been improved while you weren’t looking. If you want to make the most of your workouts, you might find you benefit from some of the most hi-tech offerings available.

For example, Naboso Technology has created a yoga mat designed to stimulate the small nerves in your hands and feet. This helps you with your balance and stability, giving you added postural strength during your yoga routine. This means you get more out of the actual workout, rather than having to focus on staying upright.

If you struggle with lower leg soreness, especially after running, you can purchase a FireFly. This is a small band, worn behind the knee, that delivers small electrical shocks to your leg that improve blood circulation. This helps you recover faster from exercise, meaning you feel better and can workout even harder.

There are all sorts of other options available, from chest bands that accurately measure your heart rate to smart shoes that track your workouts for you. Have a browse and see what options are available for you that might spur you on to new levels of success.