Wondering how to get rid of those ugly bulges under your belly, thigh, and lower abdomen? Then you must have tried those low-carb diets, exercises, but alas! You have not lost a single pound yet! The same story goes with every plus size man or women but now its time that you shun those typical ways of losing weight.

Moreover, every culture has some age-old table etiquettes that sometimes help people to lose their weight easily. For instance, if you are stepping inside any European restaurant to munch on some lip-smacking dishes, then the waiters there would serve you with a bottle of mineral water, set aside on your table. Similarly, if you are in a Canadian restaurant, then usually it is a practice that you need to demand water. Sometimes, you might end up with gulping some high calorific drink or beer that would divert you from your goal.

Let us have a quick look at some of the bizarre yet beneficial ways that would help you to lose the extra pounds easily.

Eat More Breakfast than Dinner

According to a recent study by the researchers at The Doctors, a random group of obese women consumed about 700 calories in the breakfast, about 500 in lunch, and approx. 200 at dinner. Another group ate the same type of food but the intake differed. They took about 200 calories in the morning and 700 calories in the night.

After the study continued for 13 months, the group which took extra in the breakfast lost 18 pounds, whereas the latter shed only 7. So it is always recommended that eat more in the morning time and less in the other half of the day.

Drink Warm Water

When you are drinking a cold and refreshing glass of water, you will feel more hungry. So why not try for drinking a glass of warm water before a meal. This would help you feel fuller quickly and you will consume less food as well.

Snap A Pic

Rather than just burping down every morsel, take a snap of the same. The visual account of the food intake may put a break to your munching episode. According to the famous nutritionist, Joan Salge Blake, author of Nutrition and You, “Snapping photos and then looking back at them can make people stop and think before indulging.” She also cautions further, “Even the salad can contain some extra toppings of cheese and deep-fried croutons as well.”

Eat Chocolate in Breakfast

If you are amongst those who have an insatiable sweet tooth, this tip will be perfect for you. I am not coercing to chow on the whole chocolate bar, immediately after you wake up. Rather, if you are getting a little taste of that sweet, you will not end up munching more morsels for the rest of the day!

Switch to Big Chunks

According to a study conducted by Team leader of Food structure engineering Marco Morgenstern, eating bigger chunks is great for the people watching for their weight. Because it will take longer time to chew your bite and what then happens is you will feel more satisfied which ended up to eating less food afterward.

Now when the ball is in your court, you need to decide what is your health goal. What you want is to be decided and fulfilled by only you and no one else! Well, all I can say is just follow these bizarre yet simple tips and you can lose those disturbing extra ponds easily!

Author Bio: Lowe Freya is working as a Community Manager at Dealslands.co.uk. In her leisure time, she really likes to share her views on different subjects on health.