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Exercícios simples para serem feitos no escritório para aliviar a dor nas costas

A dor nas costas afeta pessoas de todos os tipos, tamanhos e profissões. Na verdade, pesquisas mostram que a dor…

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Quais exercícios ajudam a reduzir a dor?

Se você sente dor, seja por uma lesão ou doença crônica, pode pensar que o exercício só a tornará pior. No entanto, alguns exercícios podem ajudar a reduzir sua dor ……

Exercicios para experimentar

Cinco maneiras de se manter seguro ao ir para o trabalho de bicicleta

Andar de bicicleta pode ser uma excelente estratégia para melhorar seu condicionamento físico, aumentar sua pontuação de saúde no Well…

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Even one exercise could boost your health

Starting any kind of exercise for the first time can be intimidating. It’s easy to look at professional athletes or even just the people we find attractive and think: “I’ll…

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Great exercises for your core

Strengthening your core is about more than simply getting toned abs. Not only do core exercises help to provide a balanced workout, they help to improve stability, strength, balance and posture. However, core exercises move beyond simple crunches and the…

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Exercise and Your Joints

Overcoming the Challenges of Weak Knees, Wrists, and Ankles People who have joint problems can have trouble exercising, as the pain of their injury may be just too great to take advantage of the health benefits of working out. The…

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5 benefits of regular exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, but to get the best results, you need to workout regularly. Whether you hit the gym every day, cycle to and from work or engage in low-impact exercise like walking or…

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How to get ripped abs without back pain

Getting ripped abs isn’t as easy as you may think and doing exercises incorrectly can actually lead to back pain. You can also experience discomfort in your back if you…

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The Crossfit Craze! Is it right for you?

With different fads popping up in the fitness industry all the time, We take a look a crossfit and its validity as a fitness program. As it grows in popularity, more and more people wonder if it is something they should try. In this article, we look at what it is all about, its pros and cons and if it is the right program for you.

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Fun group exercise activities

While some fitness fanatics prefer to exercise alone, others find the experience a whole lot more enjoyable when they workout with their friends or family members. If you're one of the latter, you may be in need of some group…