Financial Wellbeing

Getting Control of Your Finances

Get control of your finances by following some helpful tips.

Financial Wellbeing

Review your Spending

Whatever your financial position, we can all benefit from regular reviews of our spending to reduce outgoings.

Financial Wellbeing

Money Worries

Discover the common signs of money worries and how to reduce financial stress.

Looking after your Wellbeing

What is COVID-19 and how can we fight it with lifestyle choices?

With the outbreak of the recent pandemic COVID-19 we would like to help you stay fit, both physically and mentally…

Looking after your Wellbeing

Home office: Tips and tricks on how to successfully work from home

With the advance of COVID-19, more and more people are finding themselves moving to home working. Under the current circumstances,…

Exercises to try out

Simple exercises that you can do in your office to ease back pain

Back pain affects people of all shapes, sizes, and professions. In fact, research shows that back pain, especially low back…

Improving wellbeing

Dealing with workplace pressure

Mental health is more prevalent in society than many of us realise. We’ve got better at recognising and understanding it, but many people still feel unable to share the details of what’s affecting them with the people around them. Nowhere…

Looking after your Wellbeing

Yoga for mental health: How to calm down with a workout

Yoga has long been an excellent exercise for the body, but did you know it’s also a great activity for…

Looking after your Wellbeing

Great ways to release tension

Modern life includes plenty of things that can leave us stressed and tense. From work to school and family, you'll probably encounter numerous things in a day that can trigger a lot of tension. While some levels of stress are…

Looking after your Wellbeing

Tips and tricks for a good night’s sleep

When it comes to your health, one of the most important things is getting enough sleep. Not only does a good night’s sleep stop you from being grumpy in the…