How to choose the right running shoes

If you enjoy a good run or are trying to get into the habit of jogging regularly, you need to think about more than just your technique. It is important…

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Choosing the best training shoes for your feet

If you’re a newcomer to the fitness world, you’re bound to be familiar with the term «all the gear and no idea». Really getting into the swing of exercise – ….

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How technology can improve your fitness

In the modern age, smartphones and their various apps have become a common sight of everyday life. This can make daily life more enjoyable for many people, from amusing you…

Tips on gear

How technology can improve health and wellbeing

The rise of technology has helped a number of areas of modern day life, even encouraging certain sectors to blossom. For health and fitness enthusiasts, the growth of technology has…

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How to choose the right workout clothes

When it comes to working out, it’s important to do so in the right clothes. Exercising in clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable can have a negative impact on…

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How to pick new running shoes

There has been a great deal written on running. Since the release of Christoph McDougal’s cult book Born to Run, barefoot running has been on many people’s lips. Runners and aspiring runners have races out to buy Vibram Five Finger shoes and the shoe industry has pumped out countless numbers of minimalist shoes to try and profit on the trend. …