Exercises to try out

Simple exercises that you can do in your office to ease back pain

Back pain affects people of all shapes, sizes, and professions. In fact, research shows that back pain, especially low back…

Staying fit at work

Avoiding office colds: How to stay healthy at work in winter

Working in an office can be great at times. You’ll be surrounded with colleagues you can socialise with, who will…

Improving wellbeing

Dealing with workplace pressure

Mental health is more prevalent in society than many of us realise. We’ve got better at recognising and understanding it, but many people still feel unable to share the details of what’s affecting them with the people around them. Nowhere…

Improving wellbeing

Your heart rate: What should it actually be?

How fast does your heart beat? It’s such a vital part of your body, and so many devices keep track of it for us. You don’t have to be at…

Sleeping better

Not getting enough sleep? Try one of these tips

One of the biggest health problems in the modern world is sleep deprivation. It can be hard to drop off at night, and even harder to stay asleep until the…

Managing stress

Could cycling help reduce stress?

Workplace stress doesn’t only affect you while you’re at work, it can also have an impact on your health and other aspects of your life. While trying to leave issues at work in the office is a good way to…

Managing stress

How to not take work stress home with you

Work is one of the biggest causes of stress for many people and can contribute to tension from others parts of our lives. While a small amount of stress may…

Sleeping better

Could a nap a day keep the doctor away?

Once you reach a certain age, you’re told that napping is no longer an option. There seems to be an idea that adults shouldn’t nap, even though they may hit…

Improving wellbeing

Simple ways to boost your mood

boost your mood

Managing stress

Could walking meditation help you?

The stresses of everyday life can soon take their toll on, leaving you feeling physically and mentally exhausted. While many people hit the gym, try yoga or head to the pool to work out their stress, you don’t necessarily need…